Hi, I'm Megan!

If I could sum up my personality in one phrase it would be “learn, do, teach.” I’m a life-long learner and avid reader; I love trying new things and experimenting; and I’m a natural teacher who’s always looking to share what she’s learned.

Some fun facts about me:

I have my BFA in Metalsmithing (it actually says that on my diploma) and because I didn’t know what to do with my BFA, I went and got my MFA too.  While getting my MFA, I decided I was either going to be a university professor or start my own business.  After a one year stint as a university teacher, I realized a life in academia wasn’t for me.  So I started my eponymous jewelry line selling to stores and online.  

But I never lost my love for teaching, and after some on-again, off-again teaching as an adjunct, I decided to try teaching on my own terms.  After telling a friend that I wanted to get my MBA (because hello, life-long learner), she replied, “Don’t be crazy, you could teach that stuff.”  That conversation led me to start Designing an MBA, where I help artists and makers grow their businesses.

Ten years, countless online courses, and thousands of students later, I’m still just as passionate about learning, doing, and teaching as I was back then.  So I started Learn with Megan to be the hub for all my online classes.

Whether you’re looking to grow your creative business, master online marketing, become a teacher yourself, develop your own signature jewelry line, or learn to not hate pictures of yourself (seriously, if I can do it, anyone can), I’ve got a course for that!  (Or I will soon, as I’m still in the process of bringing courses onto the new site!)

And because I’m constantly learning and trying new things, I’ll always be adding new courses here! So join the mailing list to be the first to know about new classes!  (And when previous classes are available again!)

Oh, and if you want a more behind the scenes look into the life of an art loving, traveling, plant obsessed metalsmith and creative teacher, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest and check out my blog